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Utsavi is the house of the finest Indian Artisan clothing that celebrates the power and beauty of traditional Indian handwork art.

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Inspired by the beauty of hand-made artworks from all over India, Utsavi's collections are crafted with utmost precision, intricate detailing and love. We detail our pieces through traditional techniques like Marrori, Tilla, Gota, Phulkari, Chikankaari, Kashmiri, Zardosi and many more.


At Utsavi, we believe that traditional handwork is a form of art. We aim to revive it and support the skilled generations of artisans who have been working on such techniques for decades. We produce everything in our studio by hand and do not support digital or machine work. We use pure handloom fabrics and even take pride in handcrafting different kinds of custom-woven looms for most of our garments.

We aim to create timeless pieces with sustainable fabrics and customised handwork art uniquely designed for you

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